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Cataggaman is found at the western part of the city proper of Tuguegarao. It is bounded on the east and Northeast by Barangay Ugac Sur, on the North by Barangay Buntun and on the south and west by the powerful Cagayan River. It covers an area of 267 hectares of which it is divided into three barangays headed by barangay Chairmen. These are Cataggaman Nuevo, Viejo and Pardo. It has a big population of 13,305 distributed into Nuevo 7,042, Viejo 3,718 and Pardo 254 and has a total number of households of 2,328 stemmed into Nuevo 1298, Viejo 678 and Pardo 456.

One - fifth of the place is an agricultural area with carpentry, furniture- making, metal craft and a number of income generating occupations. Migration due to job opportunities creates mobility among the populace. Professionals who go abroad or seek employment in other areas comprise also a part of the population. Other professionals in the place occupy key positions in the government offices.

        Cataggaman people predominantly, speak Itawes. The rest speak Ibanag, Tagalog and Ilocano. Most of them are Roman Catholic, next is Aglipayan. The rest is represented by the Jehovah Witnesses, Methodist, Mormon and other minor religious sects.

       Cataggaman Elementary School being located at the center of the three barangays of Cataggaman, strategically located along the highway of the old provincial road of Cataggaman Viejo. It is the biggest non - central school in the region. Considering the site and the population, the school has a big enrollment of 1,528 for the school year 2008-2009 coming from the three barangays of Cataggaman and the nearby barangays. It offers relevant and quality basic education developing pupils’ knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is headed by a Principal III with 48 teachers with permanent items, four (4) LGU teachers, one administrative aide, & two (2) security guards paid by the PTCA. Its personnel are fully equipped with the different trends in teaching and learning which are necessary in tooling the pupils to further improve their academic performance. The school has modern technologies which make teaching-learning process more enjoyable and engaging like the CES e-learning Center which is Wi-Fi internet connected designed as the school’s e-library & for on-line learning for the pupils, school personnel, and it is also open to the out-of-school youths as part of the eskwela program of the DepED- Alternative Learning System (ALS). It also established its own official website- www.cataggamanelementaryschool .page.tl for global interconnectedness, linkages and other purposes.

       The school offers Special Education (SPED) handled & managed by Pag-Asa SPED Center for both Fast Learners & Children with Special Needs (CSN) like Autism, Down Syndrome, Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired, Learning Difficulty, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Behavioral Problems (BP), Orthopedically Handicapped (OH) & Special Health Disorder (e.g. dwarfism).

      The school received various recognitions like "Excellence in Mathematics" & a National Finalist in the 2004-2005 Search for the Most Effective Public Elementary Schools in Science and Mathematics (Non-Central Category), National Awardee in the Brigada Eskwela, Most Functional Science & Mathematics Park, Best Kabayani Park and etc.

       For SY 2007-2008, Cataggaman Elementary School ranked First ( big school category) in the Division of Tuguegarao City in the National Achievement Test. It garnered 78.02%.

       The school continues its journey in the pursuit of Academic Excellence guided by its slogan "No Child Left Behind".

School Slogan


Mr. Richard M. Bacud
Principal III
Gintong Sulo Awardee
The Most Outstanding Male Principal of the Philippines
Cataggaman Elementary School welcomes the Out-of-School Youths (OSYs) in the use of its e-Learning Center under the eskwela Program of the DepEd Alternative Learning System (ALS)

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