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Official Newsletter of Cataggaman  Elementary School

Bacud:  Gintong Sulo Awardee

           Richard Melad Bacud, Principal III of Cataggaman Elementary School was adjudged as the 2009 Gintong Sulo - The Most Outstanding Male Principal of the Philippines sponsored by the Philippine Elementary School Principals' Association (PESPA).

       Bacud undergone series of assessments which include paper evaluation during the first round of elimination conducted by Dr. Yolanda Quijano, Director of the Bureau of Elementary Education together with Dr. Purita P. Bilbao, Technical Advisor-TEC-TEDP NCBTS; Dr. Avelina T. Llagas, Consultant, TEC/TIP; Dr. Edith B. Carpio, Ret. BEE Director; and Dr. Corazon D. Santiago, Ret. NCR Regional Director.

          In the second round of assessment, incognito the judges subjected Bacud to information checks.  The team went to Cataggaman Elementary School, interviewed the stakeholders and probed if the documents and observations indeed, match.

         The final round of assessment was the interview of the finalists nationwide at the Century Park Sheraton Hotel, Malate, Manila on the occasion of the  7th PESPA Biennial Congress on May 21-23, 2009.  The interview panel of judges includes Dr. Brenda B. Cruz, OIC, PRC, Technical Advisor, SBM BESRA;  Mr. Peter Perfecto, Executive Director/PBED; Mrs. Carmela C. Oracion, ACED Managing Director, Asst. to the University Press for Basic Education;  Dr. Fe A. Hidalgo, former Secretary of Education and Dr. Erlinda C. Pefianco, former OIC Secretary of Education, Director- SEAMEO-INNOTECH.

        The awarding ceremony was held on May 23, 2009 during the Closing Ceremony of the 7th Biennial PESPA Convention at the Century Park Sheraton Hotel.

       Tears of joy flowed into the face of Mr. Bacud when he was proclaimed as the nationwide Most Outstanding Male Principal.   Bacud in his speech thank the PESPA, the secretary of education, Hon. Jesli A. Lapus, the board of judges, and all the people who worked hard for the success of the Gintong Sulo Search.

      Meanwhile, the Gintong Sulo Search is PESPA's  way of recognizing and paying tribute to the unsung heroes in the field of basic education.  The goal of the search is to encourage all school heads of public elementary schools to perform their duties and reponsbilities with utmost excellence.

From Trash to Treasure

By Maribel P. Cabasal

"We created a teaching tool out of trash and we grabbed the top prize,” said the beaming Richard Bacud, principal of Cataggaman Elementary School (CES) of Cataggaman Viejo, Tuguegarao City, region 2, after winning the Zero Waste, Zero Cavities Project launched by DepEd and Colgate-Palmolive, Inc.

Some 290 Grade 1 pupils supported by their teachers were required to bring to school Colgate sachets for their biggest recycling project ever.

The kids’ leader, Angelica Biccan, first showed the group the proper cutting, cleaning and drying of scrap Colgatesachets. In the midst of the buzzle, ideas started to pop up: “Magangwa tamtu makasta nga bag o nu slippers para ta contes,” (“We’ll make beautiful bags or slippers for the contest”), said one. “Ari, mas makasta nu backpack o folders,” (“No backpacks or folders are better”), said another.

The approach of the Zero Waste, Zero Cavities Project is proactive such that it engages the hearts and minds of schoolchildren to contribute their ideas on sustaining natural resources.

Then, one candidly thought of making a manual reading machine out of the tin foil packages. Voila! The kids were off to a good start. With 196 Colgate sachets in hand, the enthusiastic pupils gathered in their classroom after 3:50 p.m. everyday.

“We wanted to teach the children the values of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R’s), and we realized that this manual reading machine is a wonderful sample of combining the 3R’s,” the principal proudly noted.

Constructing the reading machine was an enjoyable activity and a challenge. “It had a ripple effect because even our older pupils had to gather sachets for their own 3R projects at home,” revealed Grade 1 teacher Teresa Maramag of CES with tremendous pride and joy written on her face.

The reading machine has activity sheets and visuals on the value of Colgate and tooth brushing. Beside the machine are other lessons and teaching guides for future use. The machine’s lessons are replaceable.

Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects Teresita Inciong did not expect to find a wealth of ideas from the contest entries. “All are creatively crafted, but region 2 stood out because of its usefulness in the classroom,” she said.

The Nativity Scene project of region 4-A took the contest’s second prize while the Waste Segregation project of region 1 got third.

 (This article was copied from the DepED Website-EducNews)

CES puts up an e-Learning Center


      Cataggaman Elementary School started putting up its E-learning Center in February, 2008 as one of the strategies in improving the competence of the CES teaching staff & personnel and the academic performance of the school children.  This is the brainchild of the new school principal Mr. Richard M. Bacud , who was installed by the Schools Division Superintendent Lorna B. Manauis as the new school manager on January 28, 2008.

     This center is also called the 10 E's E-Learning Center as it is electronic, experiential, economical. ethereal, easy, executive, effective, eclectic, emerging & engaging.   The clients of the center could access the available resources in the web as it is connected to the information superhighway- the internet.

     The E-Learning Center will also serve as the school library, where the teachers and the pupils conduct research activities using the Encarta Encyclopedia & other available resources in the web.

     The center will also cater to the needs of the out-of-school youths under the eskwela program of the DepED Alternative Learning System (ALS)

     The E-Learning Center is equipped with 15 computers with headphones and managed by Mr. Noli Abrigo, the school ICT coordinator.   The center will be in full operation next school year. 
(Posted 02/8/08)

CES launches e-Learning Center

              Cataggaman Elementary School launched its E-learning as the first in the region in celebration of the Science and Technology Week with the theme: “Making Science Work for You” , July 22.
            The center serves as the school e-library that caters to school children, teachers and out of school youths of the barangay.  It envisions of producing globally competitive individuals who are empowered through on-line learning.
            The occasion was attended by Schools Division Superintendent Lorna B. Manauis, and who also gave a message.
            In her talk, she congratulated the initiator of the project, Richard Bacud, CES principal and his teachers.
            She also encouraged the principals and the district supervisors of the division to put up their centers and recommended Mr. Bacud to assist them being the ICT coordinator of the division.
            Hon. Danilo Baccay, vice mayor of this city,  also graced the gathering and gave his message in support to the programs of the Department of Education.
            Meanwhile, Maxima Banatao and Eleonora Cacacho, division supervisors conducted the Super Quiz Bee in Mathematics and Science to both elementary and secondary levels.  (Posted 11/12/08)
CES creates Guidance Center
Cataggaman Elementary School used to have a guidance office in between the Science Room and Home Economics. It was located in narrow place which cannot function well considering the site, the space and the distance in the principal‘s office.          Now, a newly erected guidance center strategically can be found at the gate of the gymnasium beside the school clinic with a cozy atmosphere conducive for counseling sessions.
Being the heart and soul of the school, the center offers services to pupils, teachers, parents and personnel.  It monitors, issues clearances and documents and conducts assessments.
Moreover, the guidance center organizes data about the children’s academic performance, physical, mental and the social condition using the Student Tracking System.
Richard Bacud, the principal said in an interview that “Anita Calimag, the guidance counselor is responsible in gathering data from the advisers and floats questionnaires to the parents and keeps the documents safe in steel lockers with the help of Luz Furigay, assistant guidance counselor”. (Posted 11/12/08)
BSP conducts council -wide BTC in CES

Council-wide Basic Training Course for Troop and Kawan Leaders with the theme: “ Scouters… Create a Better World”  was held in Cataggaman Elementary School on September 24-27, 2008

The three-day training started with an opening program with 62 participants and 11 facilitators from different municipality.

Hygenus P. Soriano, district supervisor of Tuguegarao West Educational Zone delivered his opening remarks to the participants.  

Rosauro Rosuello, city councilor, mentioned in his message that scouting is not a mere fun and outing rather it is an education of life, a catalyst of making better and   an avenue to contribute in noble activities.

The councilor challenged the participants to be stewards of the environment and guide to boyscouts. He also said, "you lend a hand to those who are in need if able and available”.  

He ended his message by challenging the participants to create battle-fold to be the greatest of all. Finally, left the line “Sow an action, a habit, an attitude and you will reap better fruits”.

            During the training proper, Alfredo F. Javier Jr., training head and the other facilitators led the group to be pro-active in all the activities making their outputs simultaneously achieved. 

            At the end of the seminar, the participants received certificates of participation and a certificate of appreciation was given to Cataggaman Elementary School as the host school.  (Posted 11/12/08)

CES holds Parent-Teacher Conference

            To update parents of the standing of their children for the first grading period, a parent-teacher conference was conducted at Cataggaman Elementary School Gymnasium, September 06, 2008.

The conference had also the purpose of informing the public of the activities and achievements of the school for the past months.

It is an occasion for the parents and the children to reap the fruits of their shared labor for the first grading.

Meanwhile, the principal initiated to give white cards and blue cards to deserving pupils to encourage them to excel in all subjects, to become well-rounded individuals.

Pupils with an average of  88 without a grade of  below 85 got white cards and blue cards for an average of  85 with no grade below 85.

Ret. 2nd Lt. Damaso Garduque, general PTCA president said in his speech that pupils should improve their strength.

He also congratulated the recipients of the awards and the teachers for the job well done during the quarter.(Posted 11/12/08)
-updated by Mrs. Susan Pagulayan, 

School Slogan


Mr. Richard M. Bacud
Principal III
Gintong Sulo Awardee
The Most Outstanding Male Principal of the Philippines
Cataggaman Elementary School welcomes the Out-of-School Youths (OSYs) in the use of its e-Learning Center under the eskwela Program of the DepEd Alternative Learning System (ALS)

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